The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™
The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck
Coloring Book
Volume I
I was inspired to create "The Wolf Pack Tarot Coloring Book" as a result of the great success of this deck and the wonderful
feedback from card users and wolf lovers who have been enjoying it.  

This  book consists of twenty-six images, printed on high quality paper. They can be colored using crayon, colored pencils,
magic markers, pastel, or whatever you wish. They are designed to be framed in a standard 8" x 10" frame or matted in a
11” x 14” mat.

The title for each drawing can be found on the thumbnails located in the back of the book. This leaves the pictures free of
printed words that may interfere with the beauty of your artwork.  

Happy Coloring!
8 x 10 Frame Sample
11 x 14 Matted Sample
Price $9.99
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