The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™
The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™  Color
78 cards in full color
One of the most unique decks in today's Tarot Card market!  By far it is the most
accurate and easy to use.  This deck introduces the precise 10 card spread.  Each
card has it's interpretation printed right on the front.  No guesswork or needing to refer
to a book here! Answers to your questions are crystal clear and immediate.  Every
card illustrated with a different wolf image which expresses the meaning of the  card
beautifully.  An instruction card is included.
The original Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™ was  created in 1995 by Robert Petro. The
deck consisted of sixty cards, illustrated in black & white, by Bruce Silkwood.  This
extraordinary deck was revised in 1999, adding 18 cards and illustrated in full color by
Pat Morris.  It is now a full 78 card deck.
About The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™
The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™  Black & White
60 black & white cards
The original deck with 60 unique illustrated wolf
images expressing the meaning of each card.  
Interpretations are printed on the front, enabling
crystal clear and immediate answers to your
questions.  An instruction card is included.
The simplicity of both decks appeals to the astute and amateur card readers alike.
Although we feature the 10 card spread any tarot card spread can be used.
The Wolf Pack cards have been selected to pay tribute to an endangered
breed which is in perfect balance and harmony with nature.
© Wolf Enterprises - Saratoga Springs, New York, 12866
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Ten Card Spread
Tarot Reading
By: Joy Wolf
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The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck Ten Card Spread will give you an overview of the past,
present and future conditions in your life. It is important to journal your readings.

This Tarot Journal was designed to be used with The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck, it has the
full ten card spread layout and room for notes, along with the extra final outcome card.
See the sample page. Inside you get 52 weeks worth of journaling and an extra page for
other notes.
The cover is 67lb cover stock paper. Printed on 20lb white paper.  Size is 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
New Product   The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck 52 Week Journal
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The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck Journal
Ten Card Spread Reading Plus Outcome