The Wolf Pack Tarot Deck™
Wolf Pack Tarot Reading
Ten Card Spread
by  Joy Wolf
Insight into your past, present and unfolding future...
This is  NOT a computer generated reading.  I intuitively attune my attention to
you and the conditions surrounding as I shuffle the deck, hand pick and lay out
the cards to reveal their messages.  Your reading is then emailed to you within
12 hours, in a PDF document format, to view and print if desired. Please see
sample below.
I do not require or ask any personal information, other than your gender, to
determine which center Alpha Card to use. You may ask one question if you
want me to focus more attention on a specific area in your life.
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Ten Card Spread Reading
by Joy Wolf
*Disclaimer: All aspects of Tarot, Psychic services are
considered entertainment by law and should not be a substitute
for professional or legal advice. You must be 18 years of age to
purchase and by purchasing you are confirming you are 18
years of age or older.
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One of the most accurate Tarot Card decks on the market!
The Wolf Pack Tarot Ten Card Spread will give you an overview of the past,
present and future conditions in your life.